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Vídeos que mostram o processo de como desbloquear o iPhone.

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Title iPhone 4 unlock using ANY BASEBAND
Description I have an iPhone that was locked to Orange Switzerland. To get it unlocked it cost ??81.99, however it is a factory unlock, meaning it will always be unlocked despite any restores or updates. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE GUYS.
Author 04AlexDTelevision

Title Official iPhone unlock to any network
Description Vid of me completing official iPhone unlock from
Author alineutube1

Title Official iPhone Unlock at
Description Official iPhone Unlock at
Author jrishere135

Description Factory Unlock iPhone 4 by IMEI version 5.1.1, modem firmware 04.12.01
Author Predrag Vujatovic

Title Official Iphone iPhone 4 AT&T
Description Nouveau projet
Author alexisherry1992

Title officialiphoneunlock co uk
Description How I factory unlocked my iphone 4 at
Author stickahburs

Title iphone4 unlocked video final2
Description How I factory Unlocked my Iphone4 with
Author RodrigueEdouard

Title Unlocking my iPhone4
Author Arely Mariscal

Title official iphone 4 unlock(iOS 5.1.1 BB 4.12.01) THANKS TO official iphone
Description You asking me all the time if this is real!! I will answer to you YES IT IS REAL trust the website!! That website is amazing. I got one iPhone 4 locked to att and i have the latest software iOS 5.1.1 and the latest baseband 4.12.01. i know no gevey is excist or jailbreak tweak and sam unlock don't work anymore. So i just make one low price payment to and in less yes in less than 6 hours my iPhone was full OFICIAL UNLOCK TO ALL NETWORKS. They are the best i believe i don't think so is exist something better than theme!! TRUST THEMMMMMMMMMM!!!! and the unlock is permeant and no need to jailbreak!!! You can pay with paypal,and they are verified by visa too.
Author perosiphone

Title iPhone 4 Permanent Unlock via IMEI (
Description Hello everyone. I had an iPhone 4 on 5.0.1 and baseband 02.10.04 and it was locked for AT&T. I wanted to use a different carrier so I purchased the unlock from this website which remotely unlocks your iPhone on almost any carrier in any country. After a day or so, I got an email saying that the unlock was complete. I restored my iPhone and it was now working for my other carrier. Twitter: Facebook: Email: Touch: georgealegre
Author giorgio1apple

Title Desbloqueando IPHONE 4 pelo
Description V?deo demonstrativo do desbloqueio realizado atrav?s do site
Author jo??o aureliano

Title Desbloqueio Iphone defititivo
Description Desbloqueie o seu iphone de forma definitiva e segura! Acesse:
Author Ednaldo Mendes

Title Doing Its Magic! Permanent iPhone Unlock!
Description Me Officially Unlocking My iPhone 4 For Life! This Website Is For Reals And Will Unlock Your iPhone Permanently. No Jailbreak Required. Once They Say Your iPhone Is Unlocked, They Mean It! I Simply Restored My Phone And Connect My Phone To iTunes And Viola! UNLOCKED! Thank you Again!
Author neriega

Title IMG 0033
Description iPhone unlock for work K & T iPhone
Author Versa331

Title Unlock Iphone Rene Netherlands
Description This is how unlocking your iphone works. Just order a unlock via and you'll have a simlock free iphone in no time.
Author R2theP2010

Title AT&T IPhone Factory Unlock
Description For education purposes only!!!
Author KiNgRoC89

Title Unlocked my iPhone4 using
Description is the best place to get your iPhone 4 ....really easy process ,fast and smooth...just enter imei, make the payment sit back n relax.....
Author Rahim Rajwani

Title Unlocking iphone 4 with Unlocking iphone baseband 04.12.01
Description This website is the best to unlock your apple mobile device. Although it took us a while to get ours unlocked, it really did work! This video shows the procedure that we went thru with the unlock. Going from invalid sim to a working carrier was AWESOME! Now I can use this phone anywhere around the world, thank to Check them out, it is super easy, and it is a reasonable price for sure.
Author chriiswiferszx101707

Title Factory Unlock of iPhone 4S AT&T USA unlocked with
Description Factory Unlock of iPhone 4S AT&T USA unlocked with
Author socialist11

Title How to unlock Iphone4 04.11.08 using
Description This is how I used to unlock my iphone4 04.11.08 You can find IMEI # in settings-general-about
Author flowerxa

Title Desbloqueio do Iphone 4 bloqueado pela AT&T (
Description Comprei meu Iphone na loja da Apple Store in NY (Full Price), eo Iphone veio bloqueado pela AT&T. Entrei em contato (Atraves de email e chat) com a equipe do site Official Iphone Unlock, e em 3 dias meu iphone estava desbloqueado. Site confi??vel.
Author Jack Tof

Title Unlocked Iphone 4 para operadora Oi
Description Unlocked Iphone 4 para operadora Oi
Author acmmca23

Title Unlock iPhone Video.mp4
Description Unlock iPhone 4s using
Author Zen King

Title Official iPhone unlock swisscom
Description Unlock thanks to
Author fuzzpapi

Title Apple iPhone 4 official unlock (
Description This video shows how I've officialy unlocked my iPhone 4 which was locked to O2 UK. I've ordered the unlock on where you can get your iPhone unlocked. I had to restore my iPhone in order to get it unlocked + I had some issues with my PC so I had to make some massive cuts to the video
Author blazx62

Title Unlocking my iPhone 4s Locked to AT&T
Description I bought the Unlock service from and within a few hours my phone was unlocked! Superb service.. recommended to everyone This is a permanent unlock. NO Jailbreak or GevySim Needed!
Author zakdoc89

Title How I permanently unlock my iphone 4
Description Showing how you can permanently unlock a iphone even if you have bought it on a contract that does not permit that.
Author glennvinbladh

Title My iPhone 3GS unlocked by
Description unlocked officially by
Author krishnasree123

Description This video is about unlocking my Iphone 4S from the site initially i never trusted this site as i have been trying for the last 03 months to get my Iphone 4S unlocked by sending it to London, Manchester and Birmingham but failed miserably. Gave order to and they got the job done in the time frame (05 hours) they told. Hats off to them. Superb job done team, two thumbs up. Unbiased recommendation to everyone who want their phones unlocked. Keep up the great work
Author momin haider

Title iPhone unlock
Author littl3girl15

Thanks Tamara showing her iPhone 4S locked to AT&T now working on China Mobile

Thanks Jeremy showing his AT&T iPhone 4S being unlocked for any network.

Thanks Ahmed showing his AT&T iPhone being unlocked for any network.

Thanks to Allan showing his AT&T iPhone being factory unlocked for use in Brazil.

Thanks to Ray showing his iPhone 3GS being factory unlocked.

Thanks Gary showing his iPhone being unlocked.

Thanks Brian showing his AT&T iPhone being unlocked for any network.

Thank Paul for his video from sunny Puerto Rico showing his AT&T iPhone being unlocked for use in his country.

Thanks Perikilis for his excellent video showing his handset being unlocked for any network.

Thanks to James (possibly our youngest contributor!) showing his iPhone being unlocked for any network.

Thanks Simon showing his iPhone being unlocked.

Thanks Mohammad for showing his iPhone being factory unlocked.

Thanks Al showing his AT&T iPhone being unlocked.

Thanks Christian showing his iPhone being factory unlocked.

Thanks Alf showing his AT&T being factory unlocked to work on T-Mobile US.

Thanks Sam showing his iPhone 4 originally locked to AT&T being factory unlocked to work on any carrier - Orange UK in his case.

Thanks Kurt for showing his iPhone 4S originally locked to AT&T, being factory unlocked to work on any carrier - in his case he is now using SFR France.

Thanks to Vanni for showing his iPhone 4 originally locked to AT&T being factory unlocked, and now working in the Philippines!

Thanks Ray showing his Orange 3GS being factory unlocked.

Thanks Dale showing his Orange UK 3GS handset, which is now a factory unlocked unit, working on any network.

Thanks Gemma showing her T-Mobile 4S, which is now factory unlocked for any carrier

Thanks Emma Bronwen Davies showing her iPhone being factory unlocked from O2 to any carrier.

Thanks to Aaron showing his handset being factory unlocked.

Thanks Rob for his video showing his iPhone 4S being factory unlocked from Orange UK allowing him to use on his carrier of choice.

Thanks to Emma for uploading her video testimonial showing her iPhone 4S being factory unlocked from Orange UK, allowing her to use it on any network worldwide (she's using Vodafone UK).

Many thanks to John for uploading the first video testimonial and receiving 50% off his unlock price. His iPhone 4 was originally locked to Orange UK and is now factory unlocked for any network, he's running on Tesco Mobile.

Thanks to Robert Evans for uploading a video testimonial clearly showing the factory unlocking process for his iPhone 4 originally locked to Vodafone UK.

Thank-you to Anoop for uploading this testimonial to YouTube (and for calling our website 'beautiful'!), who bought an iPhone 4S locked to O2 in the UK and which is now fully unlocked running on IDEA in India.

Thanks Sam for your video! iPhone 3GS originally locked to Orange which is now permanently unlocked for any network and working perfectly on O2 UK.

Thanks Jamil Raja for his video testimonial of his iPhone 4S originally locked to T-Mobile which is now permanently unlocked for any network and working perfectly on Vodafone UK.

Thankyou Tom Mannion for his video testimonial of his iPhone 4S locked to Orange UK now permanently unlocked for any network.

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